Selected Topics in Computer Vision (COM-711). This EPFL course aims to teach students how to reason in a rigorous manner on computer vision related problems. We study a few topics in depth including local image descriptors, multiple object tracking, 3D tracking, SLAM, structure from motion, dense 3D reconstruction, image denoising, segmentation, inference on graphical models, and data clustering.

Lecture materials including slides and homework are provided below.

Matlab for Biologists An ETHZ introductory course to Matlab programming and image processing for Biology students. Includes several hands-on interactive exercises.

Reversible Markov Chain Monte Carlo (RJMCMC) Tracking. A web-tutorial designed to introduce the reader to tracking multiple objects using an RJMCMC approach. A simple example of tracking several billiard balls illustrates the concepts. [web tutorial]


I have co-supervised and collaborated with PhD and MS students from various universities.

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